Curso de Inglés: Videos inglés-español

Para aquellos que deseais aprender inglés os dejo con unos videos con la traducción en inglés y español, que os puede resultar muy interesantes. acaba de estrenar los siguientes nuevos vídeos, cada uno transcrito totalmente en inglés y traducido al Español:

Global Warming 101
Global warming could do more than just melt polar ice. It could change our maps, and displace people from cities and tropical islands.
Stunning Jellyfish
With no brains, no heart, and no blood, it's amazing jellyfish have existed for 650 million years!
8-year Old Prodigy Is New Art World Star
British 8-year-old Kieron Williamson takes the art world by storm with his impressionist paintings.
Learn English - Food
This video will help the viewer learn English vocabulary related to food and cooking
Obama Says Democratic Policies Moving US Forward
President Barack Obama says the policies his administration has put in place have helped move the country forward.
Fire Tornado Explained
Fire tornadoes are rare in nature, but when they do start spinning they're even hotter than a regular fire. James Williams gets an explanation on how and why they occur from a fire protection expert.
Hippie- The new E-Class commercial
What does the generation of 1968 have in common with the E-Class car?
Deadly Mates: Black Widow Spider
If you think the dating world of humans is tough, check out the love life of black widows, where one misstep can lead to a lethal end.
Selena Gomez "Girl Meets World" Preview
Selena Gomez insider is taking you behind-the-scenes for a new Disney Channel show. On Girl Meets World, you'll get to see 'the real Selena'.
Destination France
If you're looking for Europe's finest art, gourmet cuisine or "chic" cultural ambience, France can seduce you with it all.
Kerri Strug & Bob Beamon - Visa's "Go World"
Visa's "Go World" campaign highlights unforgettable Olympic moments. Olympic legends Kerri Strug and Bob Beamon are featured.
High-Velocity Falcon
How fast can a peregrine falcon fly? One scientist aims to find out by skydiving along with the birds.

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